Sample Preparation and Delivery Instructions

  • Please contact core staff for recommendations on sample collection and preparation prior to submission to the core.
  • There is a sample drop off and pickup site available in KCRB for researchers there.  See more information below.

Step 1: Sample preparation and submission guidelines

Please contact the core for guidelines on preparing samples for submission to the core.  In some cases, the core may be able to provide appropriate tubes and lysis buffers for DNA isolation projects to optimize workflows for obtaining high quality DNA samples.

Please contact core staff if you have any questions about collecting, storing, and submitting your samples for submission.

Step 2: Submit iLab request for Core Services

Submit request for DNA Services Core services using iLab ordering system. After receiving the service ID from the Core staff, prepare samples and deliver/ship to the Core lab as described below.

Step 3: Labeling sample tubes

Samples should be submitted in a 1.5 ml RNase-free, DNase-free microfuge tube, or other appropriate vessel that has been discussed with the core. Tubes should be labeled on top with the sample name. The sample name must match the name provided in the DNA Services Core Sample Submission Form. On the side of the tube, provide the DNA Services Core project ID (e.g. 123XY) sample name and if possible, the date of preparation.

Sample Tube Labeling

Step 4: Packaging samples for delivery

In general, frozen cell samples for DNA extraction and CLA services should be placed on dry ice in a Styrofoam box. In some cases, DNA samples can be provided on wet ice or at 4C degrees.  Extracted DNA samples can be transported on wet ice or dry ice.

Step 5: Sample delivery

*Please do not deliver or ship samples without first contacting DNA Services Core staff to set-up a delivery time.*

OHSU investigators:

  • For drop off at Richard Jones Hall: The DNA Services Core is located on the main campus on the 5th floor of Richard Jones Hall (RJH). The lab is located in room 5390 and 5330, and our phone number is 503-418-9376. Samples can be hand-delivered to member of the DNA Services Core staff.
  • West Campus investigators: A campus courier service is available. For details, please contact Travis Hutchens at the West Campus receiving dock (503-346-5269).
  • Knight Cancer Research Building: The sample drop off location is located on the 4th floor of Knight Cancer Research Building (KCRB).  DNA Services Core staff are available to receive samples and discuss projects and services on Tuesdays from 9am-10am, and Fridays from 9am-10am. Instructions for sample drop off are available from DNA Services Core staff and at the drop off location.  An iLab sample request must be submitted and approved prior to sample drop off

Non-OHSU investigators: Please ship samples on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday using overnight FedEx shipment service. Our mailing address and phone number are listed below. Please send the shipment tracking number to a member of the DNA Services Core staff.

Oregon Health & Science University
DNA Services Core
Richard Jones Hall Room 5390
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Way
Portland, OR 97239
Lab phone number: 503-418-9376