Make a Gift to the Center for ADHD Research

Joel Nigg on Playground with kids running in the back

In June of 2019, OHSU established the Center for ADHD Research, which is directed by Dr. Joel Nigg. Steven and Patricia Sharp, through their Abracadabra Foundation, are sponsoring a matching gift campaign. The foundation will match gifts up to a total of $12.5 million to accelerate progress on ADHD and related conditions.

Philanthropic support is a vital component of our success because it allows us to pursue pathways of research that likely would not get financial support from traditional funding sources. It fosters innovation and creativity in trying new solutions.

We try very hard to make gift dollars go far, by using them to support bigger grants to federal and other agencies. Over the past decade, for every million dollars in philanthropy given to ADHD research at OHSU, the OHSU scientific team has generated $5 million in outside federal grants.

Please consider making a gift. If you would like to obtain more giving details or meet with any of the scientists on the team to get more details, please contact Jamie Brown, 503-552-0705.

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Double Your Impact! $12.5 million in matching funds for ADHD Research