Active Affiliate Faculty

  • Michael Adler, M.D., Affiliate Professor
  • Jonathan Alexander, M.D., Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Robert Amon, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emeritus
  • Diane Baker, M.D., Affiliate Professor
  • Robert Bell, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emeritus
  • Andrew Blauvelt, M.D., Affiliate Professor
  • Denise Burke, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • John Burket, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emeritus
  • Scott Collins, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Susan Gass, M.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Peter Goodkin, M.D., Affiliate Professor
  • Craig Hersh, M.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Eric Hester, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Margaret Hewitt, M.D., Affiliate Professor
  • Kenneth Kang, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Eric Kilber, M.D., Affiliate Instructor
  • Frederick Kingery, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emeritus
  • Sissel Kjelstrup, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Paul Klas, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Susan Koch, M.D., Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Thomas Kruse, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emeritus
  • Maeran Landers, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Walter Larsen, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emeritus
  • Mary Lyons, M.D., Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Debbie Miller, M.D., Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Marc Muramatsu, M.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Joseph Obadiah, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Frederick Ott, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Parwathi Paniker, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Barbara E. Resnick, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Phoebe Rich, M.D., Adjunct Professor
  • Janet Roberts, M.D., Affiliate Professor
  • Richard Romaine, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emeritus
  • Marla Ross, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Paul Russell, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emeritus
  • Clark Sisk, M.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Trenton Spolar, M.D., Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Kristin Stevens, M.D., Ph.D., Affiliate Associate Professor
  • Bert Tavelli, M.D., Affiliate Professor
  • Curtis Thompson, M.D., Affiliate Associate Professor
  • David Trask, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor
  • Karen Vigeland, M.D., Affiliate Professor Emerita
  • Travis Widman, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor

Jonathan Alexander, M.D., Community faculty teaching award

In 2005, the residents created an annual award to recognize outstanding contributions to their education. The award is presented each year to the volunteer affiliate faculty member who has gone above and beyond for the residents. In 2011, the residents renamed the award the Jonathan Alexander, M.D., Community Faculty Teaching Award to honor his consistent efforts to support the residents' education.

Jonathan Alexander, M.D.
Jonathan Alexander, M.D.


Denise Burke, M.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor


Jonathan Alexander, M.D.
Affiliate Assistant Professor


Patricia Norris, M.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor


Jonathan Alexander, M.D.
Affiliate Assistant Professor


Jonathan Alexander, M.D.
Affiliate Assistant Professor


Jonathan Alexander, M.D.
Affiliate Assistant Professor

Curtis Thompson, M.D.
Affiliate Associate Professor


Jonathan Alexander, M.D.
Affiliate Assistant Professor


Jonathan Alexander, M.D.
Affiliate Instructor


Jonathan Alexander, M.D.
Affiliate Instructor