Public Health Joint Degree

Program Information

Program/Department Chair: William Lambert

Program length: 2 years

Authorized Award(s): Master's in Public Health

Minimum number graded credit hours: 60


Program Purpose Statement

The core curriculum offered in the MPH program is intended to provide an understanding of the statistical, epidemiological, political, behavioral, environmental science, and organizational basis of public health and of the health care system in general. Specifically, the epidemiology and biostatistics concentration of the MPH program focuses on providing students with epidemiological and statistical reasoning skills and competency in studying the distribution and dynamics of disease in populations, in evaluating health care programs, and in conducting clinical, behavioral, and health services research.


Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MPH degree, all students will demonstrate knowledge and skills related to public health practice that include: 

  1. Applying evidence-based knowledge of health determinants to public health issues.
  2. Selecting and employing appropriate methods for design, analysis, and synthesis to address population-based health problems.
  3. Integrating understanding of the interrelationship among the organization, delivery, and financing of health-related services.
  4. Communicating public health principles and concepts through various strategies across multiple sectors of the community.
  5. Employing ethical principles and behaviors.
  6. Enacting cultural competence and promoting diversity in public health research and practice.
  7. Applying public health knowledge and skills in practical settings.