Family Nurse Practitioner


Program Information

Program/Department Chair: Gary Lautsen

Program length: Two Years

Admit by cohort: Yes

Authorized Award(s): Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) - (CIP Code: 51.1605)

Minimum number graded credit hours: 71 units for MN; 77 units for MS

Minimum acceptable GPA: 3.0 GPA

Program Purpose Statement 

The FNP program prepares registered nurses to practice in primary health care settings that provide continuous, comprehensive care.


Student Learning Outcomes Statements

The Family Nurse Practitioner Program Competencies:


  1. Demonstrate critical thinking with diagnostic, management, and reasoning skills in the process of clinical decision-making within the scope of FNP practice
  2. Demonstrate professional behaviors in oral and written forms, and establish collaborative relationships
  3. Assess and intervene to promote wellness and prevent disease
  4. Integrate contextual variables in assessment and provision of care