Advanced Practice Gerontological Nursing

Post Master Certificate

Program Information

Program/Department Chair: Terri Harvath

Program length: 1 quarter

Admit by cohort: Yes

Authorized Award(s): Advanced Practice Gerontological Nursing Post Master Certificate (CIP Code: 51.1608)

Minimum number graded credit hours: 9-16 units

Minimum acceptable GPA: 3.0 GPA  


Program Purpose Statement

The purpose of the PMCO in Advanced Practice Gerontological Nursing is to provide advanced practice nurses (i.e., FNPs, ANPs, Adult CNSs and PMHNPs) specific competencies in order to provide quality, person-centered care to older adults and their family caregivers. 


Student Learning Outcomes Statements   

At the end of the APGN program the graduate will be able to:

1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge in the nursing care of older adults and their family caregivers as evidenced by the ability to:

  1. Assess physical, functional, cognitive and mental health status using age, gender and culturally appropriate standardized assessment instrument,
  2. Identify typical and atypical presentations of common health problems of older adult
  3. Treat and manage common geriatric syndromes such as falls, loss of function, delirium, dementia, and incontinence
  4. Develop a plan for long-term management of health and illness of older adults  


2. Critically evaluate theoretical, scientific and contemporary clinical knowledge for the assessment and management of both health and illness states of older adults.

3. Achieve improved health outcomes for older adults by overseeing and directing the delivery of clinical services within an integrated system of health care.