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Academic Programs

Oregon Health & Science University is an academic health center that provides high quality academic programs in health professions and related fields throughout the state. The university offers degree and certificate programs at the baccalaureate, master's and doctoral (professional and research) levels.


Instructional programs offered at OHSU are approved through formalized review processes with both internal and external components. The development of a successful proposal is an iterative process. Those submitting proposals should be prepared to address concerns or issues raised by the reviewers at any stage of the proposal including how it supports the University's Strategic Plan or other considerations.  Additionally, all instructional programs  must follow the guidelines set forth by OHSU policies, including the Academic Program Review Policy.  A complete list of policies is available here.  

This section provides access to OHSU policies; a list of active academic programs; and instructions and information about the process for proposing new programs or changing existing programs.