About Us

The OHSU Brain Institute is among the top three institutions in the nation for NIH-funded neuroscience research projects. As part of Oregon’s only academic medical center, the OHSU Brain Institute conducts the most complex and innovative neuroscience research, and translates that research into the best brain care and community information for all Oregonians.  


Welcome to the OHSU Brain Institute


The Oregon Health & Science University is a national leader in neuroscience research and clinical care, the study and treatment of brain and nervous system conditions. The U.S. National Institutes of Health ranks OHSU in the top 1 percent in the nation for neuroscience research funding. In 2006, OHSU established the OHSU Brain Institute (OBI) to build on this tremendous strength in neurosciences.

OBI includes eight departments in the OHSU School of Medicine and five research institutes. It was organized to advance understanding of the treatment and prevention of nervous system diseases by promoting interdisciplinary research in basic (laboratory) and clinical (patient care) neuroscience. Having OBI increases OHSU’s ability to conduct neuroscience research, provide world-class health care and tell our stories of neuroscience discovery to the public.

Our vision is to transform these discoveries of nervous system diseases and nervous system disorders, into new treatments bringing better health care to Oregon and beyond.

A Team Approach to Neuroscience

Although neuroscience diagnoses and treatments may vary, one thing stays the same: our commitment to the health and well-being of our patients. Experts at the OHSU Brain Institute are working in all areas of neuroscience and brain care, from advances in Parkinson’s disease to new treatments for stroke.

Our doctors treat patients with many brain and nervous system conditions. No other place in Oregon offers such a range of expertise and specialization.

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New Knowledge, New Hope

We focus on many areas of research related to the brain. OHSU researchers average one new breakthrough, innovation or treatment  every four days.

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