ODS Health Plan

OHSU is a full participant in the ODS Health Plan insurance network. If you are interested in using OHSU clinics, please call your insurance plan provider or medical network to ensure there are no limitations to your access to OHSU care.

How you pay for your health care will depend on whether you have health insurance and the type of coverage you have. Your health plan may pay for all or part of the cost of your care. See below guidance on how to contact an appropriate customer service representative.

A message from ODS health plan

For nearly 50 years, ODS has worked to keep people healthy and increase access to affordable, high-quality dental and medical care. We serve more than 600,000 Oregonians and have become an industry leader by focusing on the needs of our customers.

We are deeply committed to offering superior insurance plans and business services, delivering exceptional customer service, and developing a culture within our organization that encourages people to help others.

ODS health plan customer service