Community Connections Network (CCN)

Ten CCN teams across Oregon convene monthly multidisciplinary team meetings to address the needs of CYSHN in their communities. Representatives from health, education, and community services come together to hear about a child’s and family’s needs, and to develop a care plan. CCN teams also asses and improve their local systems of care.

OCCSHYN contracts with local physicians and several other team members for their time. OCCYSHN provides technical support for CCN teams, as well as training aimed at building local capacity to serve CYSHN.



CCN Family Brochure

CCN Family Brochure (Spanish)

CCN Provider Flyer

CCN Local Contacts (Updated October 2015)

CCN Standards (Updated 2015)

Toolbox including Forms and Documents 


What is a CCN Team?

CCN Teams are made up of local health care providers, educators, family liaisons, and service providers. Family members are full partners on the team, which takes a close look at the child's health and development. The CCN team considers how the child is doing at school, at home and socially. They identify issues. They talk about solutions. Together, the team creates a plan that addresses the child's needs.


What Can a CCN Team Do For My Child and Family?

  • Provide a medical consultation with the CCN Team physician.
  • Consider educational, behavioral, or social/emotional concerns.
  • Work with families and other team members to coordinate services and develop a plan of care that meets the child’s needs.
  • Help locate information about the child’s condition.
  • Provide referrals and connections with local resources.
  • Provide support in getting services for the child and family.
  • Work with the child’s doctor, or help to find one.
  • Work with a Family Liaison (link to FIN page here), who is a local parent skilled in identifying resources and bringing the family perspective to the table.


Adolescent Transition

CCN can work with families of youth up to the age of 21 as they transition to adulthood.  Even if a young person already has a transition plan at school, the CCN Team can help families and youth coordinate services for independent living and health care. 


Who Can Use CCN?

Families who have a child with an unresolved health or development concern may request a CCN Team meeting. Physicians, schools, and other community agencies may also refer to CCN.

Any family is eligible, regardless of income or insurance status. There is no cost to families to meet with a CCN team.