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Immunization Form

Waiver form and student health information.

1.  All Waiver applications will be filled out on-line. You can find the on-line waiver here under the Medical Plan (A reminder: All waivers for New Students are due no later than the last day of the month, the month prior to the start of your Program. For Continuing Students: all waivers are due no later than the last day of the month, the month prior to the start of your Fall Term.

2.  Enrollment of all dependants will be handled by Aetna Student Health. To enroll spouses, domestic partners, or dependants you must fill out the on-line enrollment form on the Aetna Student Health website. Dependant enrollment is significantly different than past years. Not only will you be required to enroll your spouses, domestic partners and dependants on-line, you will be responsible for their individual premium payment. That payment will be remitted directly to Aetna Student Health by you. Spouses, domestic partners and dependant fees will NO longer be applied to OHSU student accounts. If you currently have spouses, domestic partners, or dependants enrolled with ODS you will need to re-enroll them on-line no later than the first day of them month in which your fall term begins. Local students (within 50 miles of the OHSU Portland Campus) who enroll adult dependents will still have that dependant's student health fee applied to their student account, however premiums will go directly to Aetna Student Health. To enroll dependants

More information will follow regarding Aetna Student Health in the next few days/weeks. If you have any questions at all please call Aetna Student Health at 877 261-8409 or call the Student Health Service at 503 494-8665 or via email at

Graduate Program Forms & Guides

GRE Official Score Waiver Form

Information for NP and CNS Students     

Ph.D. Students

Doctor of Philosophy Program Guidelines

Ph.D. Student CV Template for First Year Evaluation

Ph.D. Dissertation Chair and Committee Members Agreement

Ph.D. Change of Dissertation Chair

Ph.D. Oral Examination Certification Form

Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal Approval

Ph.D. Dissertation Examination Approval Form

Dissertation instructions - Library

OHSU Library Permission for Electronic Publication

IMPORTANT: Before starting dissertation research, all PhD students must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research Education online training module at OHSU "Big Brain". Please submit a copy of your RCR training certificate for your student file once completed. Please go to the OHSU Integrity web site

For further information about the training, see the FAQs