Faculty Wellness

If you feel your need is urgent:
please page 1-0975

  • Are you feeling disconnected from your friends and family?
  • Are you worried that your academic career is not on track?
  • Are work demands beginning to impact your health?
  • Are you becoming more negative and irritable or angry?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?

If you answered "yes" to any of  these questions, you are not alone.  Many faculty struggle to find a balance between work and their personal lives.  Early and mid-career physicians and other health professionals are especially vulnerable to the intense demands of academic medicine.  Financial stressors and productivity pressures can be demoralizing and emotionally exhausting.  Even senior faculty can find transitions in career and personal life more challenging than anticipated.

Why Wait for a Crisis?

Sometimes we can bounce back from severe stress.  But, we can also become immobilized. A coach or counselor can help us build more resilience. 

We are here to help you address any problems or concerns.  You do not need to be in crisis. You may have a question or simply want to talk with us.


  • Find a meaningful way to get your life back on track
  • Address the imbalance between your work and personal life
  • Learn to be more effective and productive in your academic career
  • Resolve relationship issues, reconnect with friends and family
  • Develop strategies to deal with difficult colleagues or patients
  • Cope more effectively with adverse outcomes or medical errors


  • Free, confidential, on-site at OHSU
  • Brief evaluation or consultation
  • Individual coaching or counseling
  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Referrals to both OHSU and Portland area - off the hill - primary care physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and other health care specialists
  • All primary School of Medicine Faculty (.5 FTE) are eligible

Contact Faculty Wellness Providers

Mary Moffit, Ph.D., Psychologist
Pager: (503) 494-8211, 1-2047
Voicemail: 494-1208
If urgent/after hours, please call (503) 330-7880

Sydney Ey, Ph.D., Psychologist
Pager: (503) 494-8211, 1-2191

Mark Kinzie, M.D., Ph.D., Psychiatrist
Pager:(503) 494-8211, 1-4559
Voicemail: (503) 418-1608

Marie Soller, M.D.,  Psychiatrist
Pager: 1-0767

About Us

We are all experienced in coaching and counseling physicians and other health care professionals.  We are available for urgent or scheduled meetings.  With flexible hours and early evening appointments, we will make it possible for you to get the help you need.

The OHSU Faculty Wellness Program was developed by Graduate Medical Education with the support of OHSU Hospital and the School of Medicine.