CHSE Faculty: Hyunjee Kim

hyunjee kim 

Hyunjee Kim, PhD

Research Economist
Center for Health Systems Effectiveness
Admin Unit: SOM-Emergency Medicine

Email: kihy@ohsu.edu

Research Interests:

Health economics, healthcare provider behavior, long-term care, and Medicaid policy

Dr. Kim's research focuses on health care providers' behavioral responses to financial incentives in various types of health care settings in the United States. She has examined 1) how home health agencies have strategically navigated the Medicare reimbursement system and 2) how health care providers have adjusted service provision patterns under the health care delivery transformation in Oregon. She has also done several projects on the experiences of informal caregivers.


  • Preservation and modification of culture in family socialization: Development of parenting measures for Korean immigrant families. (with Yoonsun Choi, Youseung Kim, & Dina Pekelnicky) (2012). Asian American Journal of Psychology.
  • Does transitioning to the spousal caregiver role affect caregiver depression? (with Ruth Dunkle, Amanda Lehning, Sheila Feld, Hueiwern Shen, & Minhee Kim) (revision & resubmit for Research on Aging)

Unpublished Manuscripts and Work in Progress

  • Influence of For-profit Agencies in the Home Health Market (with Edward Norton) (under review)
  • Low User Moral Hazard in the Home Health Market (with Edward Norton) (under review)
  • Provider Entry in the Home Health Market (with Jeah Jung) (under review)
  • Effects of Global Payments on Treatment Intensity and Patient Selection: Evidence from Medicare Home Health Care (with Edward Norton) (under review)
  • Effect of Competitive Pressures on Gaming Behaviors: Evidence from Medicare Home Health Care (with Bingxiao Wu & Jeah Jung)
  • Quality Information and Home Health Agency Choice (with Jeah Jung, Bingxiao Wu, & Daniel Polsky)
  • Geographic Variation in Home Health Spending (with Adam Wilk)
  • Mental Health Drug Substitution under Global Budget in Oregon Medicaid (with John McConnell &  Margaret Sarna-Wojcicki)


  • Ph.D. Economics & Social Work (2013), University of Michigan
  • M.A. Economics (2012), University of Michigan
  • A.M. Social Work (2006), University of Chicago
  • B.A. Economics & Business Administration (2004), Ewha Womans University, South Korea (summa cum laude)

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