Solid Tumors

Scientific goals

One of the primary goals of the Solid Tumors Program is to conduct studies of novel diagnostics and therapeutic response monitoring, molecular targets and therapies and cancer immunology, through integration of basic, translational and clinical trials integrating specialized cell culture and animal models, translational studies of human tissue, and clinical trials, by leveraging the organizational structure and shared resources of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. This includes conducting preclinical investigations, using molecular methods to identify and validate new biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis, and molecular targets for treatment and prevention of progression. 

Focus groups

There are three focus groups within the Solid Tumors Program, each one a dynamic working group that connects members doing basic/translational research to clinical members (through research forums, retreats, and seminar series, journal clubs, training grants) and to specialized research approaches, including pre-clinical (tissue and cell specific cell culture, animal models, target biochemical studies and drug development), human tissue studies (marker evaluation, treatments, imaging advances) and clinical trials (design and implementation).

  1. Diagnostics, predictors and therapeutic 
  2. Target development and therapeutics
  3. Cancer immunology and immunotherapy

Program leader

Molly F. Kulesz-Martin, Ph.D.  

Program members

External Program Members

Researcher Research Area
Bernard Fox, Ph.D.
Arup Indra, Ph.D. Molecular & Medical Genetics, Shriners
Walter Urba, M.D., Ph.D. Providence
Andrew Weinberg, Ph.D. Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, Providence

Upcoming Research Events