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The OHSU Assessment Plan has several components all of which are designed to support processes in which OHSU academic programs engage in meaningful data-driven program improvement as well as meet our regional accrediting bodies' standards. Specifically regarding SLOs, NWCCU specifies:


The institution provides programs, wherever offered and however delivered, with appropriate content and rigor that are consistent with its mission; culminate in achievement of clearly identified student learning outcomes; and lead to collegiate-level degrees or certificates with designators consistent with program content in recognized fields of study.


The institution identifies and publishes expected course, program, and degree learning outcomes. Expected student learning outcomes for courses, wherever offered and however delivered, are provided in written form to enrolled students.


Credit and degrees, wherever offered and however delivered, are based on documented student achievement and awarded in a manner consistent with institutional policies that reflect generally accepted learning outcomes, norms, or equivalencies in higher education.

To ensure the highest levels of quality, all academic programs create and implement assessment plans that articulate student learning outcomes and assessment activities for determining student achievement of outcomes.  Additionally, all academic programs reflect on student assessment and program statistical data as part of an annual reflection and review process.


OHSU Graduation Core Competencies (Approved 2013)


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