Undergraduate Program

SOn building background

Baccalaureate degree programs focus on the development of critical thinking and judgment, understanding of health systems and economics, interdisciplinary care, public health and communications in a variety of health care settings.

BS with a major in nursing program (2016)
  • Ashland campus: approximately 170 applications for approximately 32 positions
  • Klamath Falls campus: approximately 95 applications for approximately 24 positions
  • La Grande campus: approximately 90 applications for approximately 26 positions
  • Monmouth campus: approximately 175 applications for approximately 32 positions
  • Portland campus: approximately 400 applications for approximately 40 positions
  • Average prerequisite GPA statewide: 3.85

Accelerated BS Program - Portland Campus (2016)

  • Approximately 500 applications
  • Admitted 32 students for the summer cohort and 32 students for the fall cohort
  • Average GPA of accepted students: 3.8

Accelerated BS Program - Ashland Campus (2016)

  • Approximately 100 applications for approximately 18 positions
  • Average GPA of accepted students: 3.7

Program Specifics


Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree - The ABS program is designed to allow those students who currently have or will have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a major other than nursing to take the nursing courses required to get the B.S. with a major in nursing. 

3 year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (OCNE)- The Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education enables Oregon nursing programs to dramatically expand the availability of students to receive the B.S. nursing degree and increase enrollment, while preparing graduates with competencies to address the rapidly changing health care needs of Oregon's aging and ethnically diverse populations. 

RN-BS Completion - Students currently attending a nursing program affiliated with the Oregon Consortium of Nursing Education (OCNE) are eligible to transition directly to OHSU to complete the bachelor degree in nursing. Applicants with a prior Associates in Nursing degree from a non-OCNE school are also able to complete their Bachelors degree via the RNBS program. 

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