Faculty & Staff

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Director: Trish Lynch

Finance:  Sunny Hyun and Chris Staub
Patient Check-in: Rachel Sauser
Appointment Administrators: Todd Ellingson, Christine Hammerton, Josh Leitner, Morgan Reynolds, Lynne Shaner, Ashley Miller, Amanda Ament
Surgery Schedulers: Jodi Phillips, Melissa Bogges, Angela Howard, Christine Hammerton
Coding: Arlene Liestman-Phillips and Sunny Hyun
Reimbursement Manager: Sharon Kinser
Referral and Managed Care: Amanda Ament and Kim Turner
Executive Specialist: Jennifer Griffiths
Education Coordinator: Heidi Waldo 

Research Staff

Cetas Laboratory
Robin McFarlane, BS, Research Assistant

Heinricher Laboratory
Melissa Martenson, MS, Research Associate
Zachary Roeder, BS, Research Assistant
Wenjie Ren, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ingram Laboratory
Minghua Li, PhD, Res. Assist. Professor
Kathryn Suchland, MS, Research Associate

Morrison Laboratory
Chris Madden, PhD, Res. Assist. Professor
Domenico Tupone, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow
Rubing Xing, Senior Research Assistant

Beth Fee, Grant Coordinator

kim burchielJohn Raaf Professor and Chairman
Kim J. Burchiel, MD

Vice-Chair Research
Mary M. Heinricher, PhD, Professor
Vice-Chair Education
Nathan R. Selden, MD, PhD, Campagna Chair

Stanley L. Barnwell, MD, Ph.D.
Kim J. Burchiel, MD, FACS
Justin S. Cetas, MD, Ph.D.
Aclan Dogan, MD
Edmund Frank, MD
D. Kojo Hamilton, MD
Edward A. Neuwelt, MD
Brian T. Ragel, MD
Ahmed M. Raslan, MD
Donald A. Ross, MD

Pediatric Neurosurgery
Nathan R. Selden, MD, PhD, FAAP
Lissa Baird, MD

Maria Fleseriu, MD, FACE

Gary Nesbit, MD
Jim Anderson, MD

James, Bryan, PhD
Aaron Vederman, PhD

Clinical Staff
Nurse Practitioners
Wendy O Domreis, MS, RN, CPNP
Joylyn Michaud, MS, CPNP
Laurie Yablon, MS, CPNP
Chris G Yedinak, MN, CFNP, DNP

Physician Assistants
Antonis Gragg, MS, PA-C
Christine Li, PA-C, MPAP
Dara Ono, MS, PA-C
Janette Remling, MS, PA-C
Katie Thompson, MS, PA-C

Licensed Pratical Nurse
Niki Angelides, LPN
Renae McInnes, LPN
Jessica Williams, LPN

Certified Medical Assistants
Patty Miller, CMA
Lisa Webb, CMA

Clinical Trials Coordinators (503-494-9546)
Jessica Williams, LPN
James "Obi" Obayashi, BS

Mary M. Heinricher, PhD
Susan Ingram Osborn, PhD
Minghua Li, PhD
Chris Madden, PhD
Shirley McCartney, PhD (Editor)
Shaun Morrsion, PhD
Andy J. Rekito, MS (Medical Illustrator)

Emeritus Faculty
Harold D. Paxton, MD

Trish Lynch, Director