Sue Aicher, PhD  Central autonomic reflex pathways; pain pathways; neuroanatomy

Michael C. Andresen, PhD  Central autonomic neurobiology; synaptic transmission

Virginia Brooks, PhD  Hypothalamic neurocircuitry, insulin, angiotensin, sympathetic nervous system, obesity, pregnancy, hypertension

Michael Cohen, PhD Development of chemical tools for investigating NAD+-mediated cell signaling

Robert Duvoisin, PhD  Retinal neurobiology; metabotropic, glutamate receptors

David K. Grandy, PhD  Molecular pharmacology of neurotransmitter receptors

Beth A. Habecker, PhD  Autonomic neuron plasticity, neurotransmitter/receptor expression

Martin J. Kelly, PhD  Gonadal and metabolic hormone modulation of hypothalamic neuronal excitability and control of homeostasis

Dennis R. Koop, PhD  Cytochrome P450 in chemical metabolism; arachidonic acid

Catherine Morgans, PhD The molecular events underlying synaptic transmissions in the retina

Oline K. Ronnekleiv, PhD  Estradiol regulation of hypothalamic circuits controlling fertility and motivated behavior

Charles E. Roselli, PhD  Neuroendocrine; brain sexual differentiation; androgen action

Thomas S. Scanlan, PhD  Chemical and biological aspects of steroid/thyroid hormone action

Francis Valiyaveetil, PhD  Ion conduction and gating in K+ channels

Xiangshu Xiao, PhD  Chemical biology, organic synthesis; medicinal chemistry

Emeritus Faculty

David C. Dawson, PhD  Structure and function of the CFTR Chloride Channel

George Olsen, MD