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The Vollum Institute at OHSUThe Vollum Institute is a privately endowed research institute at Oregon Health & Science University dedicated to basic research that will lead to new treatments for neurological and psychiatric diseases. Vollum scientists have broad-ranging interests that coalesce around molecular neurobiology and cellular physiology. Their work has transformed the field of neuroscience and, in particular, have provided important advances in the study of synaptic transmission, neuronal development, neurotransmitter transporters, ion channels and the neurobiology of disease.

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Recent News

A group led by Lulu Cambronne in Richard Goodman's lab developed a NAD+ biosensor. This sensor was used to show how the different cellular compartments of NAD+ relate to one another, and suggested how NAD+ gets into the mitochondria where it can participate in metabolic processes. The article was published June 17, 2016 in the journal Science.
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Yan Zhao and Shanshuang Chen, researchers in Eric Gouaux's lab, have provided pivotal answers to a long-standing question in neuroscience—how glutamate receptors, one of the most prevalent receptors in the brain, interact with transmembrane AMPA-receptor regulatory proteins, or TARPs. The article was published online, July 1, 2016, in the journal Nature.
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Recent Publications

Biosensor reveals multiple sources for mitochondrial NAD+.
Xiaolu A. Cambronne, Melissa L. Stewart, Dongho Kim, Amber M. Jones-Brunette, Rory K. Morgan, David L. Farrens, Michael S. Cohen, Richard H. Goodman
Science, 2016 Jun 17;352(6292):1474-1477

Quantum disentanglement: Electrical analysis of the complex roles of ions in filling vesicles with glutamate
Timothy S. Balmer, Laurence O. Trussell
Neuron, 2016 May 18;90(4):667-669

Mechanism of NMDA receptor inhibition and activation
Shujia Zhu, Richard A. Stein, Craig Yoshioka, Chia Hsueh Lee, April Goehring, Hassane S. McHaourab, Eric Gouaux
Cell, 2016 Apr 21;165(3):704-714

Postsynaptic plasticity triggered by Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptor activation in retinal amacrine cells.
Mean-Hwan Kim, Henrique von Gersdorff
Neuron, 2016 Feb 3;89(3):507-520