The Vollum Institute at OHSUThe Vollum Institute is a privately endowed research institute at Oregon Health & Science University dedicated to basic research that will lead to new treatments for neurological and psychiatric diseases. Vollum scientists have broad-ranging interests that coalesce around molecular neurobiology and cellular physiology. Their work has transformed the field of neuroscience and, in particular, have provided important advances in the study of synaptic transmission, neuronal development, neurotransmitter transporters, ion channels and the neurobiology of disease.

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Gary Westbrook created a three-minute video to explain the research being conducted in his lab. The video is targeted to prospective postdoctoral fellows and students.

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Recent News

Dr. Gail Mandel was recently elected as a councilor for Society for Neuroscience by their membership. Her term will begin this fall at the NSF annual meeting.
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A team of scientists, led by Marc Freeman at the Vollum Institute recently discovered a new role of the enzyme Axundead—or Axed—in promoting the self-destruction of axons. Their research was published July 5 in the journal Neuron.
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