Biomedical Innovation Program


The Biomedical Innovation Program (BIP) at OHSU helps to accelerate the delivery of healthcare technologies from academia to the marketplace and thereby to improve health care. To reach this goal the program fosters collaborative translational research that will lead to technology commercialization within a 3-5 year horizon.

The Biomedical Innovation Program cultivates, evaluates and funds promising translational projects with the objective of moving innovative technologies to clinical application through commercialization. Do you have an idea for a technical innovation to improve patient care?



You may read the full 2016 request for applications here.


Watch previous sessions of the INVENT lecture and seminar series here.

Program Contact

Our office is open year-round to offer guidance towards developing your idea for future award cycles, and welcomes any interested parties to contact us at any time. Read more about the program here.

Aditi Martin, Ph.D.
Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute
Program Director, Pilot Awards

Jonathan Jubera
Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute
Biomedical Innovation Program, Project Manager