Meet Dr. Albert Starr- Lasker Award Winner

Internationally accomplished cardiovascular surgeon who pioneered and implanted the first successful heart valve.

Dr. Albert Starr

The OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute

The new OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute will be built on key areas of cardiac research and clinical strength in which OHSU currently has acknowledged leadership or can leverage strengths through strategic recruiting.

Areas of excellence include cardiovascular imaging, cardiovascular device design, cardiac surgery and transplantation, and epigenetics – the study of fetal origins of chronic adult diseases.

The Starr Team, circa 1960

Dr. StarrIn 1960, Dr. Starr led a diverse team of professionals in surgery, nursing, and medical technology to a milestone in cardiovascular research.

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On the Air

Listen to Dr. Albert Starr, co-inventor of the Starr-Edwards heart valve, talk about his amazing work and what lies ahead in regards to healing unhealthy hearts during his appearance on The OHSU Effect: Inside Health & Science at OHSU on KXL 101.1 FM.