How to Apply

Thank you for wanting to work with the Knight Cancer Institute to improve your community’s health outcomes related to cancer. We’re excited to develop stronger ties with organizations across Oregon.

Applying for a Community Partnership Program grant

At any stage in this process, please contact us to ask for help or advice.

  1. Sign up to receive emails about trainings and future funding cycles.
  2. Download and review the 2017-1 RFPbudget template, and project objectives template, which contain detailed application instructions.
  3. Review the applicant resources page to learn more about crafting a strong proposal and to register for the following optional trainings:
   4.  Decide which grant tier is right for the proposed project.
   5.  Submit an intent to apply form  by noon, February 8, 2017.
   6.  Follow the guidelines in the RFP to prepare answers to the proposal questions, project objectives and budget template and supplemental documents.
   7.  Receive an email with a link to your proposal submission form by 5 PM, February 9, 2017.
   8.  Submit the proposal via the online submission form by noon, March 8, 2017.
   9.  Receive notification of awards late May 2017.

 Estimated dates for the next funding cycle, 2017-2

  • Request for proposal opens: Mid-July 2017
  • Intent to apply form due: Early August 2017
  • Proposal due: Early September 2017
  • Notification of awards:  Late November 2017

Receive email notification of future funding cycles

Sign up to receive notification of training opportunities and future funding cycles from the Community Partnership Program.