Our team includes 4 radiologists who have advanced training in breast imaging. They have expert  knowledge, training and experience in working with breast cancer patients and their doctors.

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, we work with the entire OHSU breast cancer team to develop the best a treatment plan for you. Whether you need a biopsy, an ultrasound or other screening, we want to make sure you receive the most effective treatment.

We use three basic techniques to screen for breast cancer:

  • Diagnostic mammography. Learn more about 3D mammography
  • Ultrasound. Our ultrasound screening is accredited by the American College of Radiology.
  • Breast MRI

We also offer stereotactic biopsies, ultrasound and mammography-guided wire localization and ductograms.

What to expect during a stereotactic biopsy

We Care About Breast Health

At OHSU, we have an entire team dedicated to breast health. We evaluate breast problems, diagnose breast cancer and offer breast exams with latest techniques. 

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