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2015 Lecture Series - The Infinite Brain

The universe is full of unlimited connections and possibilities. But the world inside our heads is as equally fascinating and infinite. Our brains not only affect how we think, feel and act, but also how society develops and evolves. Join us and learn how neuroscience can make a world of difference. View the 2015 Brain Awareness lectures

Infinite Brain - Brain Awareness Lecture Series

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Brain Awareness Season, produced by the OHSU Brain Institute, shares the latest, most riveting knowledge about the brain through a season of events, including workshops, community activities and a hugely popular lecture series. Read more

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Date Night

Date Night - Mary and Allen - OHSU Brain Awareness

Several years ago, my wife Mary and I discovered a  new, exciting way to rekindle our romance: We started going to the OHSU Brain Institute's BRAINet luncheons. This then led us to the OHSU Brain Institute's Brain Awareness Series  lectures. Learn more