Basic Science

The work of scientists is an important part of the journey to discovery. These scientists work to understand the underlying causes and processes of how diseases attack cells and organisms, and how treatments can bring these cells and organisms back to normal function.

At the OHSU Parkinson's Center, many scientists are studying Parkinson's disease (PD). They are using advanced tools to study PD in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cells grown in a Petri dish
  • Mouse and rat models of Parkinson's
  • Detailed analysis of human movement

Once a week, the clinical faculty (doctors) and the science faculty (scientists) meet to discuss how scientific discoveries may become clinical trials (research studies of new drugs or treatments in humans). These trials may lead to new, more effective treatments for PD.

We collaborate with researchers at the:

OHSU School of Nursing

Vollum Institute

Jungers Center

Portland VA Medical Center

Parkinson's Disease Research, Education and Clinical Center (PADRECC)