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The Program

The Nurse Anesthesia Program prepares Registered Nurses to become Advanced Practitioners in the field of anesthesia where they administer general and regional anesthesia to surgical and obstetric patients. Students earn a Master of Nursing degree upon completion of the 27 month program. Core courses are offered as an on-line of hybrid format. Two anesthesia pharmacology courses are offered as on-line courses.

The Nurse Anesthesia Program educates registered nurses with critical care experience to the advanced practice specialty of anesthesia. The program provides nurse anesthesia students with a solid foundation in scientific knowledge, clinical skills, and accountability. Students develop the knowledge and skills to deliver safe anesthesia care using sound clinical judgment to diverse patients across the lifespan.

Goals of the Nurse Anesthesia Program:

  • Provide a positive and supportive learning environment with a focus on meeting the needs of adult learners.
  • Prepare the professional nurse in the art and science of anesthesia.
  • Meet the societal need for safe and competent anesthesia care.

Upon completion of the M.N. degree, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply advanced knowledge in the science of a specialty area of advanced nursing practice.
  • Use emerging information and health technologies to access current research and health care data to improve patient care.
  • Make sound, culturally appropriate and ethically grounded clinical judgments based on critical analysis of the best available evidence.
  • Demonstrate the leadership skills that are essential for influencing policy and organizational systems for improving patient outcomes.

The 27 month program of study is rigorous and highly clinically focused.  In the first year, students receive a firm foundation in relevant basic and anesthesia science along with weekly lab sessions in our state-of the-art clinical simulation center.  The second year begins a five quarter sequence of clinical rotations designed to expose the student to a variety of anesthesia experiences. Throughout the second year students attend seminars to foster the integration of advanced evidence-based nurse anesthesia content into their clinical practice.

At end of the OHSU Nurse Anesthesia Program, the graduate will also be able to:

  • Deliver safe and culturally competent anesthesia care to patients of all ages and physical conditions.
  • Develop and implement anesthesia management throughout the perianesthetic continuum using a variety of current anesthesia techniques, agents and equipment.
  • Apply knowledge to practice in decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Provide nurse anesthesia care based on sound principles and research evidence. Interact on a professional level with integrity using appropriate verbal, nonverbal and written communication in the delivery of perianesthetic care.


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Clinical Sites

Students rotate to a variety of clinical sites. Get more information on clinical sites for the Nurse Anesthesia Program.