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Michael D. Freeman, PhD MPH DC

Affiliate Professor
Admin Unit: SOM-Public Health & Preventive Medicine Department
Phone: 971 255-1008
Fax: 971-255-1046
Office: 1234 SW 18th Ave, Suite 102 Portland OR 97205
Public Health and Preventative Medicine
Research Interests:
Forensic Epidemiology, Injury Epidemiology, Forensic Medicine » Click here for more about Dr. Freeman's research
Preceptor Rotations
Dr. Freeman has not indicated availability for preceptor rotations at this time.
Faculty Mentorship
Dr. Freeman has not indicated availability as a mentor at this time.

Dr. Michael Freeman is a Forensic Epidemiologist specializing in the application of probability and epidemiologic data to forensic venues. He serves as Affiliate Professor of Epidemiology at Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Freeman is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Traumatology at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Aarhus, Denmark. He holds a Ph.D. in public health with a focus in epidemiology from Oregon State University, as well as a Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree in biostatistics and epidemiology, also from OSU.

Dr. Freeman has more than 120 published scientific papers, books, and book chapters on forensic medicine applications of epidemiology, crash-related injuries and death, crash reconstruction, medical diagnostics, chronic pain mechanisms, adult autologous stem cell therapy, and a variety of other areas of interest. He has a number of publications on the identification of logical fallacy and junk science in expert testimony for the legal profession as well

Dr. Freeman has served in US, Canadian, European and Australian courts as an expert in a variety of fields, including injury and death litigation, product liability, medical negligence, as well as both prosecution and defense expert in a number of homicide cases.

Partial list of recent publications:

Freeman MD, Kohles SS. Application of the Hill Criteria to the Causal Association of Post-Traumatic Headache and Assault. Egypt J For Sci (in press)

Freeman MD, Kohles SS. Application of the Bradford-Hill Criteria for Assessing Specific Causation in Post-Traumatic Headache. Brain Inj Prof (in press)

Freeman MD, Kohles SS. An Evaluation of Applied Biomechanics as an adjunct to systematic specific causation in forensic medicine. Wien Med Wochenschr (in press)

Uhrenholt L, Freeman MD, Jurik AG, Jensen LJ, Gregersen M, Boel LW, Kohles SS, Thomsen AH. Esophageal injury in fatal rear-impact collisions. Forensic Sci Int 2010 Oct 5. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 20932695.

Freeman MD.A Bayesian assessment of unexplained fracture as a forensic test of child abuse; quantification of uncertainty using the Error Odds approach. Acta Medicinae Legalis et Socialis 2010:179-84.

Centeno CJ, Schultz J, Cheever M, Robinson B, Freeman MD, Marasco W. Safety of autologous MSC transplantation: an in vivo MRI study of transplanted MSCs culture-expanded using a novel, platelet-lysate technique. Cur Stem Cell Res & Ther2010;5:81-93.

Dagenais S, Gay RE, Tricco A, Mayer, JM, Freeman MD. North American Spine Society Contemporary Concepts in Spine Care: Spinal Manipulation Therapy for Acute Low Back Pain Spine J 2010 Oct;10(10):918-40.

Uhrenholt L, Schumacher B, Freeman MD. Road traffic fatalities in Aarhus Police District in 2000-2004 - medical investigations and legal consequences. Ugeskr Laeger. 2010 Sep 27;172(39):2683-2687.

Freeman MD, Woodham M, Woodham A. The role of the lumbar multifidus in chronic low back pain; a review. PM R 2010 Feb;2(2):142-6.

Freeman MD, Centeno CJ, Kohles SS. A systematic approach to clinical determinations of causation in symptomatic spinal disc injury following motor vehicle crash trauma. PM R 2009;1(10):951-6.

Freeman MD, Rosa S, Harshfield D, Smith F, Bennett R, Centeno CJ, Kornel E, Nystrom A, Heffez D, Kohles SS. A case-control study of cerebellar tonsillar ectopia and head/neck (whiplash) trauma. Brain Injury 2010;24(7-8):988-94.

Freeman MD, Kohles SS. Applications and limitation of forensic biomechanics; a Bayesian perspective. J Forensic Legal Med 2010;17:67-77.

Freeman MD, Nystrom A, Centeno C, Hand M. Chronic whiplash and central sensitization; do a trigger points play an important role in pain modulation? J Brachial Plex Peripher Nerve Inj2009 Apr 23;4:2.

Freeman MD, Hand ML, Rossignol AM. Applied Forensic Epidemiology: A Bayesian evaluation of forensic evidence in a vehicular homicide investigation.J Forensic Legal Med 2009 Feb;16(2):83-92. Epub 2008 Oct 21