Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition

The Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition is located within the Marquam Hill campus of Oregon Health & Science University.


There are four options for graduate study in nutrition and dietetics at OHSU:

Combined Master of Science/Dietetic Internship 

Dietetic Internship Certificate Program

Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition

Master of Clinical Dietetics   


Highlights of the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition

Graduates of the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition (GPHN) enter the field of dietetics and nutrition from a variety of backgrounds, with diverse interests, and with a passion to serve.  These future leaders build on foundations established and refined by others and use innovative, evidenced-based, nutrition care and dietetics services to promote and enhance health and wellness for all people.  They are efficient and effective communicators who use far-reaching, social networking mediums to disseminate information about nutrition to clients, colleagues, and the global community.


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Upcoming Events

Seminar Series: Human Lactation & Breastfeeding

Monday, January 26th, 12:15 - 2:15pm

Anatomy & Physiology of Human Mammary Glands and Human Milk: What's in it for them?


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