Campus for Rural Health

The OHSU Campus for Rural Health provides interprofessional health care training in settings that open opportunities for recruiting health care professionals in rural Oregon. The academic headquarters for the program are in Klamath Falls at the Cascades East Family Medical Center. Coos Bay serves as a hub site on the South Coast.

Through these campuses, OHSU is building a pipeline to rural practice for students in the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Public Health, and the College of Pharmacy. We know that when students have an integrated experience in a rural community, they are more likely to choose to practice in a rural area.

Community Driven

Students live together and work in cohorts under the leadership of community partners, clinicians and OHSU research teams. Studying and working in multi-disciplinary cohorts, students learn to communicate with, care for and become full advocates for community members. A range of projects provides students with opportunities for clinical rotations and research.

Programs and Projects in Rural Oregon

Rural Community-based Project Course: Students engage with community partners, OHSU faculty leaders and interprofessional students to develop, implement and evaluate a community-identified project that addresses a local health issue. All learning activities require two or more interprofessional students working together. Contact: 

Community Research Coalitions: The OCTRI Community and Collaboration Core, with support from the Integrated Program in Community Research, works to build capacity for research across Oregon through the development, support and dissemination of Community Research Coalitions. Contact:

I-CAN Innovation Incubator Project: The Interprofessional Care Access Network spans academic departments and courses to bring together students who are performing existing community/clinic rotations as part of their curriculum. Students from the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, and Public Health, and the College of Pharmacy form interprofessional teams to help individuals and families in underserved communities address barriers to health-related to social determinants of health. Contact: 

Assessing and enhancing clinical education sites for IPECP/ Innovation Incubator Project: The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education has deemed the ACE survey instrument as "best in class." The ACE Innovation Incubator Project has two parts: (1) The survey instrument and (2) the intervention aimed at enhancing internal team development and modeling collaborative practice to OHSU interprofessional learners.

Reaching Rural Residents with IPE: Interprofessional community-based IPE initiative, funded by the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. The initiative accelerates interprofessional education into community settings by collaborations between health professions educators and community partners.

State of Oregon
Oregon Rural scholar Program: The program provides the experience of providing primary care in a rural setting to students interested in pursuing this path. 

Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative: SHOI provides eligible students with unique opportunities to help address healthcare disparity in the state.