Copying and Printing Services



Fee- based copier access is provided at the OHSU LIbrary. Copiers are selected and maintained by the OHSU Copy Center.

Library users have the option of paying cash ($.10/per page, 3rd floor only) or of applying for a copy code for copies at a reduced rate. Copies can be charged to an OHSU account or billed to an individual or business. To apply for a copy code, complete the appropriate form below and mail or fax to the Copy Center per instructions on the form.


Printing Services


The OHSU Library charges for printing services. All printing jobs are sent to central printers located behind the Service Desk. Please provide your workstation number when picking up and paying for print jobs. Prices are listed below:

Black & white prints/single-sided $.10 per page
Black & white prints/double-sided $.10 per page
Color prints $.50 per page
Print cards (50 prints) $5.00


Library staff can assist you with directing print jobs to the appropriate printers and formatting documents to print double-sided.