Ontology Development Group

Transforming data into knowledge

The Ontology Development Group (ODG) strives to promote research innovations, service development, and education through semantically enabled technologies for the purposes of data management and publication, research reproducibility, and the building of novel tools for biomedical data exploration.

What do we do?




and Outreach





Why is it needed?

  • Improve the process of science and accessibility to data and information
  • Help individual scientists and laboratories improve their data management and reporting processes
  • Use of data standards can promote management, attribution, and data sharing
  • Semantic representation of data can promote novel hypothesis generation and testing

Who are we?

  • Bench scientists turned ontologists [1] and biocurators [2].
  • Computer scientists turned bioinformaticians
  • Medical practioners turned software developers [1]

Ontologist (on·tolo·gist n.) a domain expert who classifies information in a knowledgebase[2] Biocurator (bio·cu·ra·tor n.) a professional scientist who collects, annotates, and validates data that is disseminated by biological databases or journals.

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