Photo of Eric J. Fombonne, M.D.

Eric J. Fombonne M.D.

    • Professor of Psychiatry School of Medicine

I have seen patients with autism and worked with their families since 1986. I have developed clinical and research programs in France, in the U.K. and in Canada. In addition to conducting my own research on risk factors for autism, I spend time disseminating scientifically valid information to different professional and non-professional audiences, My research experience is used in collaboration with emerging research groups available. I currently work with colleagues in South France, Canada and the Middle East.I also enjoy activities with my family, including cooking, reading and playing music. I like to ski, fish and walk.


  • M.D., University of Paris, Paris France 1978
  • Residency:

    • Psychiatry, University of Paris, 1977-2000
  • Fellowship:

    • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Paris, 2000-2002

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