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News and Updates

March 2017: Did you miss OR-FACE at GOSH? Barb Epstien and Illa Gilbert-Jones presented data on traumatic occupational fatalities and findings from construction investigations. Download their presentation here

February 2017: OR-FACE and Oregon OSHA recently updated their letter of agreement. You can learn more about this in our blog post

January 2017: OR-FACE published Fatality Investigation Report 2014-42, Forestry Worker in Vehicle Killed from Timber Falling Activity

September 2016: OR-FACE published Occupational Fatalities in Oregon Annual Report 2014.  Layla Mansfield, Research Coordinator and Barb Epstien, Investigator/Outreach Specialist joined OR-FACE.

August 2016:  Three new toolbox talk guides based on Oregon fatalities are published. 

2017 National Safety Stand-down, May 8-12

Click here to learn more about the National Safety Stand-Down


The National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction Final Report on the 2015-2016 Safety Stand-Downs is a quantitative and qualitative analysis on data collected from OSHA's Stand-Down Certificate of Participation database. Click here for the report.