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News and Updates

December 2017: OR-FACE published a new investigation report about a construction worker who died after falling 20-25 feet from a pump-jack scaffold. A number of safety hazards were identified that could have been prevented. The investigation report can be downloaded here. OR-FACE also recently partnered with SAIF to publish an updated hazard alert for agriculture, including real stories about some recent farm and ranch fatalities and prevention recommendations. You can download the hazard alert document here. 

November 2017:
In November, OR-FACE visited the ASSE Oregon State University Student Section, which is sponsored by the ASSE Columbia-Willamette Chapter. It was a wonderful visit discussing occupational health and safety career paths with this engaged group of students. OR-FACE is also developing a hazard alert document for our Oregon agriculture partners to help identify and prevent common fatal hazards on farms and ranches. The document will be shared with attendees of the SAIF agriculture safety seminar program. We also attended the Portland Construction Industry Suicide Prevention Summit sponsored by the Portland CFMA Chapter. Enlightening presentations discussed various risk factors that contribute to the high suicide rate in the construction industry, and offered valuable recommendations for improvement.