Patient Story - ACL Surgery

By Brett

BrettI've played sports my whole life. I've done plenty of things to my body, but when I blew out my ACL playing soccer, it felt like I got shot: it was excruciating. Everyone could hear the pop.

I had an MRI done, which showed the ACL was completely torn—and meant I'd need to find a surgeon to repair it. Friends recommended OHSU and Dr. Dennis Crawford.

Dr. Crawford was very good at presenting me with all my options, making recommendations, explaining all possible outcomes and walking me through the process. I felt listened to; he made it clear that he could make recommendations, but that the course of action I chose was up to me. Like most people, I prefer to stay away from hospitals if I can help it. I don't like needles, either. But I felt so well-prepared, from the appointments to the day of surgery and beyond.

After surgery, I was home the same day. I had a list of exercises and we began physical therapy shortly after. You get moving right away, to stimulate the muscles and minimize any atrophy. They wanted me to start moving that leg, pronto, under my own power.  My physical therapist, Erin, was great; she pushed me when she needed to, would mix things up to keep things interesting and really paid attention to my goals.

It's been six months already, and I feel great. I'm still healing—I'm taking it easy on soccer right now, but I can run and play ice hockey. Next month, I'm going on a ski trip. And I couldn't have done this without OHSU.