Aviation Medicine Services

Aviation Medical Services available from OHSU Family Medicine


Our Aviation Medical Exams are efficient and adhere to all FAA-established standards. Our goal is to have pilots leave our office with their medical certificates in hand, with all documentation complete, whenever possible.


Our Services

  • First, Second and Third class medical exams in a professional environment.
  • Collaboration with your private physician and other medical provider(s) to expedite issuance when current status reports are needed or an Authorization for Special Issuance have been issued.
  • Certified to provide medical services for FAA Air Traffic Control Specialists.

Pilot-centered medical consultation

In our Aviation Medicine consultation, we feel strongly about our role as pilot advocates and work with you to ensure all the medical documentation is in order for FAA review. We actively interact with either the Seattle Regional Flight Surgeon or Oklahoma City to expedite issuance of certificates when medical challenges are encountered.

Often student pilots or prospective pilots have concern about medical issues that might impede certification. "Should I just fly Light Sport?" "Will my medical problem disqualify me from flying?" "Should I spend the money and time on flying lessons?"  We can help you define answers for these and other questions due to our years of experience with the Aerospace Medical Certification Division of the FAA.

At times unforeseen medical problems arise during your medical certification process. This is disappointing for any pilot, but is a particularly acute problem for professional pilots. Such challenges deserve "special handling."

As Family Physicians, we have a broad knowledge of medical care and disease processes and vast experience in addressing those problems. We collaborate with other providers and consultants. We take our patient care personally as we 'specialize in you.'