Your Patient-Centered Primary Care Home

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond is part of the OHSU School of Medicine's Department of Family Medicine, one of the nation's most highly rated Family Medicine departments. We are also the only Federally Qualified Health Center among the many OHSU clinics.

This means:

  • We serve residents, regardless of their insurance, income, language, or background.  Our target area is Southeast Portland.
  • We serve Medicaid and Medicare patients and offer sliding fee discounts to patients without insurance. No one will be denied the care they need due to their inability to pay.
  • We provide care for you and your whole family, from pre-birth to old age.
  • We have a governing board comprised of patients we serve and other members of the community.

We provide services to:

  • Pregnant women regardless of where they live. Residing within a 1-hour radius is preferred, as patients must use OHSU Hospital & ER if needed. 
  • All CareOregon/Healthshare of Oregon - within a one-hour radius.
  • Patients with Medicaid plans other than CareOregon or Open Card need to change before they can be seen. The OHSU FMR Eligibility Coordinator (503 418-3928) can assist.
  • Medicare patients who live/work within the service area.
  • Patients with private insurance within the service area.
  • OHSU employees who work and/or live in the service area.
  • Immediate family members (mother, father, child or others living in the same house) of established patients regardless of insurance status.

Would you like to applaud our employees?

If you would like to recognize one or more of our employees for a job well done, you can complete our Applause Card Form here.