Safety Store

As a part of our mission to increase access to safety supplies, we operate a Safety Resource Center where you may purchase low cost home safety supplies, sport helmets and sleep sacks. Our team is happy to demonstrate products and answer any questions you may have. We also have Mr. YUK stickers and educational materials to help you keep your children safe at home and on the go.

Currently, we are only able to accommodate in-person transactions, but if you give us a call ahead of time, we'd be happy to have your order waiting for pick-up on a particular day. We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards.

Childproofing and safety items list

Cabinet and door safety


Childproofing starter kit
$8.00 child proofing kit 
3-pack spring n release latches
$3.00  spring release latch
2-pack cabinet slide lock 
$3.00  slide lock
2-pack push on snap cabinet lock
$3.00  push snap lock
Lazy susan cabinet lock  
$3.00  safety1stlazysusanlock
Tot lok starter set 
$12.00  Tot Lock Starter set


 4-pack door knob covers
$3.00  door knob covers
 Lever-handle door cover
$4.00  Lever-handle door cover
 Bi-fold door locks 
$3.00  Bi-fold door locks
 Finger pinch guards
$2.00  Finger pinch guards
Kidco sliding door lock
$4.00 kidco-sliding-door-lock
GE door alarm
$12.00 Door Alarm 2pack

Appliances and furniture


 Oven lock
$3.00  Oven Front Lock
 Stove knob covers 
$8.00  Stove Knob Covers
 Toilet lock
$8.00  toilet lock
 Multi-purpose/appliance latch
$3.00  Multi-purpose/Appliance latch
 Refrigerator latch
$3.00  Refrigerator Latch

Furtniture safety

 Furniture wall Straps
$4.00  Furniture wall straps
 Furniture corner cushions
$8.00  furniture corner cushions

Window safety

 2- Pack vinyl window locks
$4.00  vinyl window locks
 2-pack window blind wind-ups
$2.00  window blind wind-ups
KidCo window mesh guard
$35.00 Kidco Window Mesh Guard
KidCo window lock
$7.00 Kidco window stop
Cresci window wedge
$5.00 Window wedge safety product

Bath & Sleep Safety

 Bath pal duck thermometer
$3.00  Bath pal duck thermometer
Halo Sleep Sack
$15.00  halo sleep sack

Baby gates and fall guards

Safety 1st easy fit gate
$20.00  Safety 1st Easy Fit gate
 Evenflo Top of Stairs Swing Gate
$35.00 evenflo top of stairs gate
 Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate
$32.00 evenflo crosstown gate
 Safety 1st railnet 
$16.00  Safety 1st Railnet
Child locator system - brown bear
$25.00 bear

Outlet safety

 32-pack press n pull plug protectors
$3.00  press and pull plug protectors
 Cord shortener outlet cover
$4.00  Cord shortener outlet cover
 Power strip cover
$7.00  Power strip cover

Fire safety and poison prevention


 Smoke alarm
$20.00  Smoke Alarm
 Carbon monoxide alarm
$20.00  Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Helmets and bike gear


 Bike helmet 
$10.00  Bike Helmet
 Multisport helmet 
$12.00  Multisport Helmet
 Ski/snowboard helmet  
$25.00  Ski/Snowboard helmet

Protective gear

 Knee/elbow/wrist guard set