Autism Program

The CDRC Autism Program provides support to families and children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a variety of associated medical and developmental issues. 

With early and accurate differential diagnosis by our highly-trained clinicians, recommendations are made for interventions and support to help patients (ages 1 to adult) and their families.

Our team of more than 30 clinicians provides evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for children with established or suspected autism diagnoses.

Currently 1 in 88 children in the United States is suspected of being on the autism spectrum, and it is our mission to help diagnose, and work to improve the quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

Through partnerships with families, professionals, and the autism community, we hope to find ways for these patients to be active participants in their homes, communities, and families.

Autism Treatment Network

Sponsored by Autism Speaks, OHSU and 16 other sites across the country work together to improve the availability, quality, and effectiveness of medical care for individuals with autism as well as their families. In support of these efforts, we have established a Family Advisory Committee to help direct our programmatic goals.