New Students

Please read the following sections carefully and if you have family members that you may want to enroll on the Insurance plan please read the section regarding your options (and deadlines) for enrolling Spouses, Domestic Partners and Dependents with the University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan and the JBT Health Wellness Center.


1. Pre-Entrance Immunizations

Before you start your OHSU program you will need to meet all the CDC immunization guidelines for health care workers. 

You will need to gather all information you have on all your prior immunizations and see to it that you are up to date on all the requirements before you arrive for class. The requirement for Hepatitis B (3 shots and an antibody titer) takes 7 months to complete if you start from scratch. The JBT Health & Wellness Center is held responsible by your academic program for the collection and storage of your immunization information; we collect this data from you, store the data and report your immunization status to your school(s) when asked. You are welcome to ask the JBT Health & Wellness Center for a copy of your immunization records at any time.  Please get started now on updating your immunization profile to meet the requirements of OHSU, which are meant to provide a safe environment for students, employees and patients, as well as OHSU  and participating clinical and research training sites.

Pre-Entrance Immunization Requirements - Learn More


2. University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan

OHSU requires all eligible students (please check with your individual program) to carry Major Medical and Dental insurance for every day they are here.  Your coverage will begin with the 1st day of the month in which your classes start. For example: If your classes begin 8/23 your coverage with Aetna Student Health begins 8/1. OHSU will enroll you automatically on the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan and you will be charged the associated fees if you DO NOT turn in an approved waiver (See Below) during the allotted time frame.  Please review the information about the student insurance plan offered by Aetna Student Health on their website.


3.University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan Waiver Application

If you already have health insurance that you want to continue while you're here, you must apply for a waiver to avoid the University Sponsored Health Insurance related charges.

Please Note: This waiver is for Major Medical which includes Vision and Rx. Dental can be waived as well as long as the waiver criteria are met. You can waive any portion of the insurance as well, for example: You can waive out of medical, keeping dental; or you can waive out of dental and keep the major medical. There is a strict deadline for turning in your waiver.  The completed waiver application must be received by Aetna Student Health within 30 days after your first day of class begins for new students. Returning students must have their waivers submitted BEFORE the date their fall classes begin.

For example: If you are a new student and your classes begin September 30th, you need to have your completed waiver submitted by October 30th. If  you miss this deadline you will be automatically enrolled and will have to pay premiums for the entire term without exception. For this reason it is very important to become familiar with your academic calendar. As you will learn by carefully reviewing the waiver policy, not all health coverage insurance policies meet the OHSU approved criteria for the insurance waiver (for example, it must be a group plan or a student under 26 y.o. on a parental individual plan).


Waiver Expiration: Every approved waiver expires at the end of the Summer Term associated with your program.  Please remember to re-submit your waiver applications online BEFORE your Fall classes begin.  Waivers received after the deadline will be applied to the next academic term. 


4. Enrolling Spouses, Domestic Partners and other Dependents:

Students who are married or who are in a domestic partnership may want to arrange for their spouse or partner to be eligible for services in the JBT Health & Wellness Center and the University Sponsored Health Insurance.

This MUST be done within 31 days of starting class when you first begin your program at OHSU. At no other time are spouses, domestic partners or dependents allowed to join your plan except in the case of extenuating circumstances and/or certain qualifying events.  Please contact the JBT Health & Wellness Center to discuss extenuating circumstances. There are no other open enrollment times for the insurance except for certain qualifying events.

While the University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan offered by OHSU through Aetna Student Health is available for dependent children, the services at the JBT Health & Wellness Center are provided to Adult Students, Spouses, or Domestic partners ONLY.  The JBT Health & Wellness Center does NOT have a pediatric clinic. To enroll spouses, domestic partners or children please do so on the OHSU Aetna Student Healthwebsite.

5. Patient Registration:

If your OHSU program is on the Portland Campus or within 50 miles of OHSU, you are eligible for services at the JBT Health & Wellness Center. You must register as a patient of OHSU to be seen in our clinic.

To register, please call patient registration at 503 494-8505. You must tell patient registration you are either an OHSU student or an OHSU postdoctoral fellow.

IMPORTANT: All Student records are strictly confidential and at no time is unauthorized access to your records available. A new state-of-the-art electronic medical record system called EPIC has been implemented at the JBT Health & Wellness Center. All Students and Postdoctoral Fellows at OHSU are considered VIP patients and have added levels of security features built into your records to ensure the utmost of confidentiality from unauthorized users. No other OHSU department can see JBT Health & Wellness Center records.