New Students

Please read the following sections carefully.


1. Pre-Entrance Immunizations

Before starting your OHSU program, you will need to meet all CDC immunization guidelines for health care workers. 

You will need to gather all information you have on all your prior immunizations and see to it that you are up to date on all the requirements. The Immune Status Form is due by your new student orientation deadline. The requirement for Hepatitis B (3 shots and an antibody titer) takes 7 months to complete if you start from scratch. The JBT Health & Wellness Center is held responsible by your academic program for the collection and storage of your immunization information. We collect this data from you, store the data and report your immunization status to your school(s) when asked. You are welcome to ask the JBT Health &Wellness Center for a copy of your immunization records at any time. Please get started now on updating your immunization profile to meet the requirements of OHSU. These are meant to provide a safe environment for students, employees and patients, as well as OHSU and participating clinical and research training sites.

JBT Health & Wellness Center will ONLY be able to offer assistance with the Hepatitis B requirement for those who have already initiated the series and will only have a certain number of these appointments available. Students must establish with a JBT provider in order to obtain these services. Your insurance will be billed for these services and students will be responsible for covering any fees not covered by their insurance. It is your responsibility to understand any applicable out of pocket costs for these services

Pre-Entrance Immunization Requirements - Learn More


2. University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan

OHSU requires all eligible students (please check with your individual program) to carry Major Medical and Dental insurance for every day they are here.  Your coverage will begin with the 1st day of the term period in which you are registered. OHSU will enroll you automatically on the PacificSource Insurance plan once you are registered and you will be assessed the associated fees on your student account.  Please review the information about the student insurance plan offered by PacificSource on their website.


3. University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan Waiver Application

If you already have eligible health insurance that you want to continue while at OHSU, you must apply for a waiver to avoid being automatically enrolled in and charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan.  Your plan must meet specific requirements in order to be approved for a waiver.  Please review the OHSU waiver requirements before you apply.

Please Note: There are separate waivers for Major Medical and Dental.  There is a strict deadline for turning in your waiver.  The completed waiver application must be received by Wells Fargo by the waiver deadline which is specified each term and in alignment with the registrar's 100% refund date.   

If you wish to learn more about the waiver application process and/or requirements for the medical or dental insurance, please visit the waiver website page for additional information. 


Waiver Expiration: Every approved waiver for the 17/18 academic year expires by 9/21/2018.  Please remember to submit your waiver applications by the specified waiver deadlines.  If you miss the deadline, you will need to wait until the following term to apply for a waiver. 


4. Enrolling Spouses, Domestic Partners and other Dependents:

Dependent coverage will no longer be offered through the Student Health Insurance Plan beginning with the 16/17 plan year. Dependent health coverage is offered through the federal exchange and OHSU has support in place to help you navigate your options for coverage.  Stay tuned for these resources which are coming soon.


5. Eligibility to use JBT and Patient Registration:

You are eligible to begin using JBT services at the start of the insurance term period regardless of whether you have the Student Health Insurance Plan or have waived out.  

If your OHSU program is on the Portland Campus or within 50 miles of OHSU, you are eligible for services at JBT Health & Wellness Center. You must register as a patient of OHSU to be seen in our clinic.

To register, please call patient registration at 503 494-8505. You will need to tell patient registration you are either an OHSU student or an OHSU postdoctoral fellow.