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In order to meet the complex health care needs of a growing older adult population in Oregon and across the Pacific Northwest, we at the Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence have fifteen years of accomplishments toward meeting the national goals put forth by the John A. Hartford Foundation.

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Jonas Scholarship Awarded

In February, 2016, OHSU School of Nursing announced that, with a new matching grant of $70,000 from the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare, it will fund the scholarship of seven doctoral nursing students. As a recipient of the Jonas Center grant, OHSU School of Nursing is part of a national effort to stem the faculty shortage and prepare the next generation of nurses. This is a critical effort as a clinical nurse shortage is anticipated just as an aging population requires care.

The Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence sponsored Basilia Basin, who also received the Doctoral Hartford Award for Research and Practice.

Basilia Basin, B.S.,R.N.-B.C. is a clinical nurse, educator, and leader with experience caring for older adults with chronic disease. When asked about receiving the Jonas Scholarship, she noted, "As a clinical nurse I noticed that patients in the hospital had a special relationship with their pets, which led them to make decisions about their hospitalization based on concerns for their pet. These experiences influenced my dissertation study about the relationship between older adults and their pets and how that relationship influences decision-making. I am honored to be awarded a Jonas Scholarship from the Hartford Center for Gerontological Excellence at OHSU. I am excited to be a Jonas Scholar supporting their three strategic priorities in scholarship, leadership and innovation. This scholarship will prepare me for a future to influence health care and nursing about the importance of pets as family members that need to be included when considering a patient's plan of care. Overall, I am dedicated to the lives of older adults, elevating the nursing profession and leading the way in Human-Animal Interaction research of older adults."

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Basilia Basin Research Week

Congratulations to the 2016 PhD HARP Awardee!


Congratulations to Basilia Basin, 2016 recipient of our PhD Candidate Hartford Award for Research and Practice (HARP). Basilia will receive $2,000 to use toward the completion of her Dissertation. The focus of Basilia's research is the influence of pets on decision-making for older adults who have chronic health conditions. This is such and important issue and her research will be a valuable addition to our body of knowledge.