General Information

Erin Fitch works in Dr. Jacoby's lab

OHSU's MD/PhD Program is designed for students with interests in both biomedical research and clinical medicine. Our goal is to provide an environment in which students will obtain the breadth and depth of training needed to excel as both physicians and scientists. Upon completion of the program, which typically takes up to eight years, students will receive both the M.D. and Ph.D. degrees.


The MD/PhD Program at OHSU is funded from the School of Medicine, and endowed scholarship funds.   Students receive full tuition support for all years of training, stipend and health insurance. The current stipend levels are $26K/year during initial MD school years, then adjusted up upon entry into their graduate program, these stipends may vary depending on which graduate program, but  currently must be within the range of $27,000-$28,500/year). Details on the student health plan (included in the program) can be found at: the JBT Health & Wellness center website.


OHSU is renowned for its clinical training within the School of Medicine. The medical school curriculum focuses on integration of basic and clinical sciences in the pre-clinical years, emphasizes self-directed learning and patient contact early in the pre-clinical years, and includes transition courses at the completion of the second and third years of training.


Having spent a minimum of seven years working towards your goal, you become a valued member of the MD/PhD alumni upon the successful completion of this program. Over these years, we have been deeply involved with your training and progress, and you will always be our esteemed colleague and friend. In fact, we couldn’t be prouder of our MD/PhD graduates. Whether you choose to remain in the beautiful Pacific Northwest or decide to take your prodigious skills to anywhere else in the world (because you can), we hope you will always consider OHSU to be your home.

Residency matching

Over the past three years students have matched in top programs across the country:

Dermatology: UC San Diego

Internal Medicine: University of Chicago, University of Maryland, University of Washington

Neurology: UCSF, OHSU, Yale

Ophthalmology: UC Irvine

Pediatrics: Cincinatti Children's Hospital (twice), Duke,  University of Washington, 

Radiation Oncology: Brigham & Women's Hospital, MD Anderson, OHSU

2013 MD/PhD Graduates with Dr. Jacoby
2013 MD PhD Graduates  with Dr. Jacoby


OHSU MD/PhD students receive complimentary membership in the American Physician Scientists Association : due to an institutional membership. Participation in APSA allows our students to connect nationally and interact with other physician-scientist trainees across the country. Through generous funding from the Robert & June Koler MD/PhD Scholarship fund we are able to send several students to the annual APSA  meeting. 


2014 APSA Attendees
MD PhD Students at APSA