MCR Application

Application Instructions: Master of Clinical Research Track

Only currently enrolled students in the HIP certificate track may apply for the MCR Track. Applications may be submitted in the summer after completion of the first year as a certificate degree candidate in the HIP program and then on a revolving admission cycle after that. Due: July 15th for Fall term matriculation or on the opening date of registration for every other term after that based on the OHSU Graduate Academic Calendar (typically early November, February and May). Applicants will be notified of admissions decisions as soon as possible before the end of the registration window for the starting term.

Submit the following material online only if you are currently enrolled in the certificate track or have permission from the program.  Contact HIP office prior to application at (503) 494-3095.

1. Completed online application Apply Now
After log in, select Human Investigations Program for the appropriate term.  Choose Master of Clinical Research as the planned course of study.  Contact the HIP Program Office if your program choice is not available, and do not submit an application to another program.

2. A current CURRICULUM VITAE, which includes education, residencies and fellowships.

3. A SUPPORTING DOCUMENT answering the following questions (please keep each question to under a page in length).

  1. How will the MCR degree help you to meet your short and long term career goals?
  2. What course work and mentoring experience do you plan for the MCR to help you meet those goals?