What OHSU can learn from MOOCs

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) are all the buzz right now, and the debate over whether students actually learn from a massive course still rage. Although OHSU will likely never offer a MOOC, can we learn anything from one? This Chronicle of Higher Education article highlights the take-aways for “normal” online courses from MOOCs as  described by successful MOOC students: “Clarity and Organization are key” – assignments need to be clearly defined and the course … Read More

Sakai upgrade coming on June 19th: Here’s your sneak peek

We’re pleased to announce that Sakai will undergo its annual upgrade on Wednesday, June 19 from 5 AM to 7 AM Pacific time.  Sakai services will be unavailable during this time.  The latest version brings many improvements — both big and small — including an updated look.  Aside from small bug fixes and feature enhancements, here are a few of the features you’ll discover: A streamlined look that devotes more space for course content Collapsible … Read More

Polleverywhere.com: checking for understanding

Last month,  I had the great pleasure of visiting Anne Heenan’s Epidemiology course which is part of the BSN program at the OHSU School of Nursing.   We worked together to use polleverywhere.com.  It’s a free service that allows faculty to quickly and easily set up a poll which students can respond to with cell phones, tablets or laptops (basically any wireless device).   Students were asked to bring devices to class in advance.  Every student … Read More

Assignments, Assessments, and Academic Integrity

As I work with faculty to expand their use of Sakai to include the Tests & Quizzes tool, there are inevitably questions around assignments, assessments, and academic honesty. “I’m used to giving tests in a classroom – is there any way to manage/monitor students taking online tests?” The Tests & Quizzes feature in Sakai allows instructors to create a variety of question formats, including multiple choice, true/false, matching, and short answer; create a question pool … Read More

Enhance your online student group projects with Wikispaces pilot

The Teaching and Learning Center has begun piloting a much enhanced Wiki tool called Wikispaces in Sakai sites.  Wiki tools are group collaboration websites that allow everyone in the group to add, change, rearrange or delete web content using their web browser.  Of course, the most famous example of a Wiki site is Wikipedia.org, a massive encyclopedia that anyone on the Internet can contribute to.  Wikis aim to make group collaboration on documents and web-based … Read More

Articulate Storyline

As a Faculty Development Specialist with OHSU’s Teaching and Learning Center, my interest is in designing educational media. This type of media development includes graphics, video, and interactive multimedia for use in the classroom and online. I was introduced to the concept of multimedia in 1990 when I developed my first HyperCard stack. Based on the metaphor of “virtual index cards”, each card in a HyperCard stack was programmed using HyperTalk. A typical HyperCard stack … Read More

Quick and easy recordings with Camtasia Relay

Tired of spending hours recording voiceover PowerPoint lectures for your students? Worried your students just aren’t “getting it” and not sure your written explanations are getting through? Wondering how you’re going to give feedback to students on their projects? Not sure you’re making the connection in a distance course? The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is offering a service that can help. Camtasia Relay is now available to all faculty. It will record anything on … Read More

Increasing presence and inspiring collaboration with the new Virtual Meetings tool in Sakai

Students can now collaborate online through the Teaching and Learning Center’s (TLC) new Virtual Meetings tool. Fully integrated into Sakai course sites, it’s easy, reliable, fast and just in time!  It provides a more interactive experience with greater immediacy.  Originally called “Big Blue button”, this tool was developed by a group of engineering students at Ottawa-based Carelton University. The TLC recently adopted it and named it “Virtual Meetings” to better describe its functionality to Sakai … Read More

Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence and TLC partner to create online learning modules

“My participation in the Gerontological Nursing Scholars program will translate to an improved ability for me to impart to students and colleagues and clients more and better information about the graying of our society and the challenges and opportunities for culture change that accompany this shift.” – Barb Enos, MN, RN‐BC As the nation’s population of older adults grows, it is has become increasingly important to educate more nurses in gerontology. With this aim, the … Read More

Professionalism in teaching

On Friday, November 16th, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop sponsored by the OHSU Graduate School of Medicine called: “Professionalism in Medical Training: How We Can Challenge the Hidden Curriculum.”  The session was facilitated by Karen Adams, MD, Andrea Cedfeldt, MD and Josh Kornegay, MD.  Not only did the content and activities of the workshop engage participants in a thoughtful consideration of issues related to professionalism, the facilitators also “walked the talk” by facilitating … Read More