OHSU School of Nursing Faculty Participate in the “Online Teaching and Learning” Mini-Course

This summer OHSU School of Nursing faculty participated in an online professional development course.  The “Online Teaching and Learning” course was designed for faculty who teach online.   This mini-course employed a practical, hands-on approach to demonstrate both synchronous and asynchronous tools and techniques for effective online teaching and learning.  The course provided participants with the opportunity to apply theories and techniques learned, to collaborate with colleagues to develop a reusable learning object suitable for online teaching.  The eight-week course was offered through Sakai, the OHSU learning management system with one “live” synchronous three hour session as the culminating event.  The course was taught by Kathi Lasater, Portland, graduate/undergraduate faculty and Scott Christian, Director of Education Services, School of Nursing. The course was a collaborative effort with the OHSU Teaching and Learning Center.   Instructional designers provided support throughout the project development process.

A screen shot of the Adobe Connect recording of the mini-course “live” session.
(Thanks to Corey MacMillan and Shauna Hoffman for technical support.)

This is the second offering of the course, and there was a very lively and energetic group participating from all of the OHSU SON campuses.   In addition to reading professional articles and research related to teaching and learning online, each faculty proposed and developed a project relevant to their teaching assignment.   Below is a very brief overview of the projects that are either completed, or in-progress.

SON Faculty
 Campus/Program Project Focus Technology Integration
Julianna Cartwright Virtual/RNBS “Difficult Conversations in High Stakes Situations”  Remote students conduct virtual conversations. Virtual Meetings (aka Big Blue Button) a web-conferencing tool in Sakai
Joan Smith Ashland/Undergrad. Senior students in NRS 425 Leadership in Nursing, conduct virtual interviews. Camtasia Relay
Seiko Izumi Portland/Undergrad., Grad., MNE “Designing Qualitative Inquiry” recorded lecture Camtasia Relay
Sarah Wickenhagen Portland/Grad., FNP  NRS 700: Concepts for Comprehensive Care) Student presentations online Jing (video recording tool)
Stella Heryford Monmouth/Undergrad. Pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, Case Study Survey Camtasia, Sakai quizzes and tests tool
Pam Avilla Portland/Grad., FNP Digital diagnosis of virtual patients Demonstration video can be found here.
Linda Veltri Ashland/Undergrad. Engaging Online Discussions in NRS 412 Leadership and Outcomes Management Sakai Discussion Forums tool
Lyn Sheperd Ashland/Undergrad. Group-based Wikis for Case Study analysis Wikispaces in Sakai
Marti Driessnack Portland/Grad. ,FNP NURS 582 Management of the Newborn, students produced digital presentations Prezi,  presentation tool
Karmin Maher-Hasse La Grande/Undergrad. Secure Online Test for undergrad. students on campus. Sakai quizzes and tests tool
Teri Copley Ashland/Undergrad. Flipping the pathophysiology classroom Voice over Powerpoint
Deidre Goldberg Ashland/Undergrad. “How to Perform a Skin Biopsy”  recorded lecture Camtasia, Powerpoint
Nick Miehl Monmouth/Undergrad. Collaborative e-portfolios In-progress, exploring tools
Cindy Perry Portland/Grad., FNP Virtual Community for FNP students Sakai
Renee Menkens Virtual/RNBS Teaching presence in online discussion forums (research project) Sakai discussion forums

MNE:  master’s of nursing education

FNP:   family nurse practitioner

RNBS: baccalaureate completion program for registered nurses




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