Can’t Stand PowerPoint? . . . Reconsider

I know a lot of people can’t stand PowerPoint. Hey, I agree. You don’t have to convince me. But here’s the thing – most users underutilize its features. That’s right. While most PowerPoint users can add text, images, and video, many are unaware that that they can also edit graphics, and create illustrations, videos and online training. Sound interesting? Well, keep reading.

Tom Kuhlmann, a PowerPoint super user and author of the blog Rapid E-Learning, offers these insights.

  1. PowerPoint is a blank screen. For some users this maybe a horrifying thought. But for others it’s an opportunity to exercise some creativity. Hey, even George Bush has taken up painting, so don’t let a blank screen frighten you.
  2. You can edit your own graphics and illustrations. That’s right! You can modify and enhance your graphics so you aren’t stuck with the same old boring images everyone else is using.
  3. You can create your own videos. If you are using PowerPoint 2007 or older, it’s time to consider an upgrade and here’s why: Microsoft introduced the ability to create videos using PowerPoint in 2010. Older versions of PowerPoint don’t have this feature.
  4. You can create online training modules. Really? Yep. So if you’re new to producing eLearning then PowerPoint is a great place to start. For more advance training challenges, Storyline (by Articulate) is a better choice.
  5. PowerPoint can also be used to produce print and eBooks for mobile eLearning. Who knew!

So take a moment to reconsider how you can enliven up your next PowerPoint presentation using video and custom graphics. If you are interested in learning more about the any of these techniques, please contact the Teaching and Learning Center. We’d be glad to assist you.

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