Charity Rowland, PhD


Professor, Pediatrics  
PI, Proving the Effectiveness of the Online Communication Matrix  
, Communication Matrix Community of Practice    
Academic Interests: communication and cognitive development, individuals with severe/multiple disabilities, communication assessment, communities of practice 



Dr. Rowland's interests and research involve the assessment, development and education of individuals who experience severe and/or multiple disabilities, including complex communication needs (CCN). Her work is supported entirely by federal grants. Areas of specific interest include communicative development and cognitive development in nonspeaking children and adults. Current grants focus on the assessment of communication skills, the development of appropriate IEPs for children with CCN, and the creation of a new virtual community of practice for professionals and parents who support the needs of individuals with CCN. Design to Learn research is conducted in community-based settings including public schools and homes.



Ph.D. University of Oklahoma: Experimental Psychology
M.S. University of Oklahoma: Experimental Psychology
B.S. New College: Experimental Psychology


Summary of Current Research

H327A110010 US Dept. of Education. 2011-2015 (Rowland, PI). Proving the Effectiveness of the Online Communication Matrix

This project will examine whether using the online Communication Matrix suite is associated with the development of better communication-related IEP/IFSP goals and better attainment of these goals by students, as compared to a "business-as-usual" approach.


H327S130010 US Dept. of Education. 2014 – 2019 (Rowland, PI). Communication Matrix Community of Practice.

This is an implementation project to scale up use of the Communication Matrix suite by teachers and speech-language pathologists nationwide. The project will develop a virtual community of practice to augment the current Communication Matrix suite.


Scholarly Work/Publications

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