Community-based ASD Identification

The ACCESS Project: An Overview (two-page PDF)

ACCESS:  Assuring Comprehensive Care through Enhanced Service Systems for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Developmental Disabilities.  State Implementation Grant for Children and Youth with ASD and other Developmental Disabilities awarded to OCCYSHN in November, 2013. Announcement Number:  HRSA-13-207

The ACCESS project is working to support the building of local medical-education ASD identification teams in alignment with the recommendations of the Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Subcommittee on Screening, Identification and Assessment.  The project is focused on increasing community capacity to provide timely and valid team evaluations for the identification of ASD in young children, birth to 5.  The project will improve medical home practices' delivery of comprehensive, coordinated health care and related services for children with ASDs and other developmental disabilities.  


Recommendations of OCASD Subcommittee on Screening, Identification and Assessment (SIA) can be found here:


Autism Identification Team Professional Development

The following recordings are designed to help prepare new team members for participation on medical-education autism identification teams. Please review the modules in the order in which they are listed, as the modules build on one another to some degree. We kindly ask that you complete both the pre- and post- tests, as your answers will be used to help structure discussion for each presentation during the webinar on Saturday morning, December 10.


Pre-Test: Before you get started, please take the pre-test.

Post-Test: Once you have reviewed all of the presentations, please take the post-test.


Introduction to the Autism Identification Teams of the ACCESS Project (20:13)   PDF (23 slides)

Characteristic Behaviors of Young Children with ASD (15:34)   PDF (20 slides)   DiagnoseFirst PDF (5 pages)

When Things Don't Align: Balancing Components of a Team Diagnostic ASD Evaluation (8:41)   PDF (14 slides)

Differential Diagnosis: If It's Not Autism, What Else Could It Be? (1:14:35)   PDF  (55 slides) 

Use of the Parent Interview and Parent-Completed Questionnaires for Identification of Young Children with ASD (33:39)  PDF  (60 slides) 

What About Health? Part 1: ASD and Genetics (17:27)   PDF  (25 slides)

What About Health? Part 2: Associated Medical Conditions (18:13)   PDF  (17 slides)

What About Health? Part 3: Challenging Behaviors (17:28)   PDF  (18 slides)

After the Evaluation: Giving Feedback to Parents (10:32)   PDF  (15 slides)



RESOURCES for Local Teams

Tools, Information and Resources for Providers


Resources for Providers to Share with Families 


Forms and Procedures for ASD Identification Teams