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Procedures for Treating Spine & Back Pain

I want to find the least invasive surgery to relieve my back pain. What procedure is my best option?


My doctor recommended spinal fusion to relieve my arthritis pain. Are there non-surgical treatments I should consider?


What is the difference between a laminotomy and a laminectomy?


How effective is spinal cord stimulation in treating chronic back and leg pain?


I am looking into open-back surgery. What can you tell me about minimally invasive laminotomy?


Spine Conditions

I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. How did I get it, and what can I do to minimize the symptoms?


What should I do if I have a herniated disc in my lower back?


What are the treatment options for flatback syndrome, also known as loss of lumbar lordosis or kyphosis? I understand the syndrome falls under the category of spinal stenosis?


I have osteoporosis and now my back has a more rounded look. What is this, and how can I prevent further damage?


Back Pain

I still have back pain, even after medication and physical therapy. Are there any non-surgical options left?


I have chronic back pain. How can I be sure my rehabilitation program is working?


My back recently started hurting. Should I stop exercising and take it easy while my back heals?


Could a back injury cause me to have leg pain?

I strained my back. Could it be a herniated disc that requires surgery?


I have shooting pain starting in my lower back and going all the way down my leg. Nothing I do seems to help. What should I do?


My steroid injections seem less effective than when I started receiving them. What should I do?


Since my back surgery three years ago, I?ve had nerve pain in my leg and nothing seems to help. Do I just need to learn to live with the pain?


My lower back has been aching for months. But I m afraid of surgery, so I haven t seen a doctor. What should I do?


Back Injury Prevention for Golfers

I m a golfer. What do you recommend I do to avoid a back injury?


Could my golf swing hurt my back?


What can I do now to help prevent a back injury during spring golf season?