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The pediatrics department at OHSU has one of the highest volumes of visiting students at OHSU. The department is committed to providing students with educationally valuable experiences at OHSU, whether they are interested in specific electives or have come to OHSU to get some exposure to our pediatric residency program.

Visiting students must first complete an application through the Dean's office. After that, the approved application is passed on the Janna Bonofiglio, Pediatric Education Manager, rothja@ohsu.edu503-494-4571, for placement. If student preferences can't be honored, prospective visiting students will be contacted to see about more options.

Visiting students will receive email confirmation of their placement. They will be directed to the visiting student links to the right of this page to complete their visiting student paperwork and get ready to come to OHSU.

Visiting students should pay close attention to their course section in the electives section of this website for important information, directions, and required course materials. Some electives have no posted materials. Students may also receive a packet of information when they report of the clerkship.

Student application and placement

Step 1 Dean's office visiting student application

In order to become a visiting student you must first complete the application process through the Office of the Dean. VSAS will then serve as a conduit for notification on application status and placement. Once it has been approved by the Dean's office,  the education coordinator finalizes all placements.

Follow this link to information about completing Dean's office portion of the visiting student process.

Dean's office visiting student website

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Placement flow chart

Students should be aware that rotations are very crowded and the coordinator places students with great care.Any visiting student whose preferences can't be honored will be notified by e-mail.

Rotations are closed to visiting students during the first rotation of the academic year in June.  

During rotation 7, the November/December rotation, visiting students can register for these electives not available through VSAS by contacting Janna Bonofiglio, Education Manager,

  • 709 A Pediatrics ward sub I
  • 709 B Neonatal medicine
  • 709 D Pediatric intensive care
  • 709 J Pediatric hematology oncology

Students should look over the elective availability and assignments area for an updated list of open sites.

If visiting students want to add an available elective, change their placement, or drop a class, they should e-mail the pediatric education manager, Janna Bonofiglio, Students will receive e-mail confirmation of their class changes with in a few days.

Student applies 

Medical school review

Application is reviewed by the OHSU Dean's office

Takes 2 or 3 weeks

Pediatric department review

Application is sent to Pediatrics Department for placement

Visiting student placed

Students successfully placed receive e-mail confirmation of their placement

1 or 2 weeks

Visiting students complete additional requirements before they arrive.

Visiting student not placed

Students not successfully placed receive periodic emails with updated pediatric elective openings

Every 1 or 2 weeks

Visiting student not placed

can also

Checks elective availability and assignments on website

Visiting student registers for open elective

Student emails with their name, rotation dates and elective name.

Visiting student placed

Students successfully placed receive e-mail confirmation of their placement

1 or 2 weeks

Visiting students complete additional requirements before they arrive.
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Pre-arrival requirements

There are some additional requirements that must be fulfilled before you can begin your Visiting Student Elective Rotation.

1) Criminal background check deadline

OHSU policy requires that all incoming students successfully pass a criminal history background check before they can be granted access to the OHSU campus. As a non-OHSU student coming to our campus, in order to receive a campus ID badge, we require that you provide proof of a background check from your home institution.

That document should come in the form of a memo from your school department letterhead stating that a background check has been complete for you. It should also have a hand-written signature from your academic advisor or student affairs representative. You will need to present this document when applying for your campus ID badge.

2)  Additional urgent requirements students using VSAS. 

A. You have two weeks to accept your placement using the VSAS system.
B. You will receive a bill for a $75 processing fee from OHSU.
C. You must send in a completed immune status form.

Please go to the visiting student website for details about these requirements.

4) Housing

OHSU does not coordinate visiting student housing. Visiting students are responsible for their own housing. Some useful suggestions include:

5) Big Brain deadline: before you arrive

Big Brain is the OHSU web based training tool that you will use to complete three mandatory requirements. Here is the link to the Big Brain log.

A. Complete HIPPA-privacy and you training in OHSU Big Brain

B. Complete respect at the university training

C. Complete integrity education booster

D. Complete EpicCare for visiting medical students

Print both the certificates of completion for the two modules. 

These certificates are required to get your ID badge. Bring them with you. You will not have access to a computer to print it out when you arrive.

6) Parking and transportation

Parking permit

A parking pass can be obtained at the information booth just past the corner of Terwilliger and Sam Jackson, the cost is $12/day. They take checks or cash, checks should be filled out before you get to the booth and made out to OHSU.They will ask which lot, the best lot is the "South Lot " located on the corner of S.W. 6th Avenue and S.W. Gaines. (see annotated map)

Parking meter

On 6th Street just before it connects with S.W. Gaines Street there are long term 5 hour meters. The cost is $1 an hour and the machines take coins or debit/credit cards, no bills accepted.You will need to make sure you add time before the time runs out.  Tickets are $24 for expired meters. (see annotated map)

Public transit

Public transit is often the best way to get to OHSU. Please go to for Portland area transit information.

6) Review course information and material before you arrive

All students are encouraged to take some time to review the information and materials provided by the links on the right side of the page. Specific electives have contact information for lead preceptors, instructions for reporting on the student's first day, and any materials or handouts required for the course. Electives course materials

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Review pre-arrival check list

  • If I am an MD student I have accepted my elective rotation appointment in VSAS.
  • I paid the $75 processing fee after having received the invoice from OHSU.
  • I sent my immune status form.
  • I complied with any other requirements outlined by the OHSU Dean's office visiting student page.
  • I completed Big Brain requirements, respect at the university, HIPPA, and integrity booster printed certificates ready.
  • I realize I have to provide my own scrubs if I care to use them on call nights.
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First day requirements

1)  Visiting student orientation

There is a brief orientation on the first day of your rotation in the morning. You will receive an orientation packet and be given an opportunity to ask any questions and turn in your grade forms.

Orientation location

Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC)
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
707 S.W. Gaines Street, Portland, Oregon, 97239

Room: CDRC 2226

Go through the main lobby, take the elevator to the second floor, take a right.

CDRC 2226 is the small conference room down the hall to the right.

Grade forms

Make sure that Janna Bonofiglio, Education Manager, has any grade forms that you need returned to your school. Do not give the form to your preceptor. The pediatric student coordinator is happy to administer and coordinator your grade, that way it is sure to be followed up on and returned to your home school properly.

3)  Pager

You will receive a pager and some directions on the phone system. You may go to the Telecom office, Room 12 Baird Hall (Building 20 on the map) to get your name put on your pager. You will return this to Janna Bonofiglio, Pediatric Education Manager when you complete the rotation.

4)  ID badge

You will need to obtain an ID badge at the Public Safety office near the corner of Sam Jackson Parkway and Veteran's Hospital Road. Please bring the following materials with you.
  • Check for $25 made out to OHSU.
  • Valid government issued photo ID (drivers license, state I.D. or passport)
  • Respect at the university completion certificate
  • HIPAA training certificate
  • Background check letter from your institution
  • Completed ID request form  (provided by coordinator)

5)  Computer training

After all your Epic training is complete, please call the ITG helpdesk, 4-2222 and choose option 2, which will connect you to the Epic support desk.

The staff at the ESD will then assist you in the process for obtaining your visiting medical student Epic account.

6)  Faculty/resident evaluation

You will receive resident and faculty evaluations electronically. These are required and may hold up your grade if they are not completed. Choose suspend if you didn't work with the attending.

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