Video Library: Parkinson's Disease

Each year, experts at the OHSU Parkinson Center present valuable information to people with Parkinson's and their families at our annual Parkinson's disease symposium and other events.

The OHSU Brain Institute provides access to the following videos so all Parkinson's disease patients and their families can benefit from the leading-edge information presented at a number of these events.

Annual Parkinson’s Symposium (Options & Opportunities)

Parkinson’s disease symposium for people with PD and their families

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Lisa Mann, R.N. & Dance for PD Oregon
Lisa Mann, R.N., OHSU Parkinson Center

Hope in Research
Joe Quinn, M.D., Medical Director, OHSU Parkinson Center

Self-Efficacy: May the Force Be With You!
KEYNOTE: Diane Cook

Unique, Creative Side of Parkinson's: Hoof Arted and Other Wacky Whit-isms
PD Profile: Whit Deschner

F.I.T. The Movement of Integration
Anya Gordon and Ron Blehm, P.T.

Promoting Quality of Life at all Stages: Power from Palliation
Keiran Tuck, M.D., PD Specialist, OHSU Parkinson Center

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These videos are Windows Media format:

Parkinson's Disease: Brain Conversations
Monique Giroux, M.D.

Enhancing Resiliency: CBT Skills to Improve Your Life
Kristine Hanna, Ph.D.


Insights & Inspiration

A workshop on issues encountered by young people with PD
2016 2012

A Vision of Hope for Your Future
Matthew Brodsky, M.D.

Prevention of Mobility Constraints: A Tailor Made Exercise Program for PD
Live demonstration with Jennifer Wilhelm, D.P.T.

Maintaining Intimacy and Emotional Connection
Dr. Sheila Silver, Clinical Sexologist